Intuitive Counseling

First, what is intuitive counseling?

It is a counseling session with someone who is Clairvoyant, intuitive or psychic in one or more ways.

Intuitive counseling may involve ongoing sessions, versus a psychic or clairvoyant reading which is usually a single appointment.

Intuitive counseling is a counseling session with someone who is clairvoyant, intuitive or psychic in one or more ways. A good intuitive counselor can quickly identify the underlying issues as well as effective solutions.

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Why is it so Effective?

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Some intuitive counselors, such as myself*, are also licensed as counselors, and have extensive training in one or more counseling methods.

On the other hand, some people doing intuitive counseling are clairvoyance or psychics with little or no professional counseling backgrounds. They will typically provide a reading for you which may give you an idea of what's going on. However, usually does not involve therapy that resolves the distressing emotional issues or treat past stressful experiences and traumas that are causing your problems .

Second, why is Intuitive Counseling so effective

and how does it help?

Intuitive counseling utilizes the gifts of the intuitive to identify the underlying causes of the issues. When they are licensed counselors, they can also provide the most efficient and effective methods for resolving the issues. This makes the sessions  extremely efficient, productive and helpful. 

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So what exactly are these gifts that are being harnessed in these sessions?

1. Clairvoyant.

Clairvoyant means the ability to psychically see. An image or images appear, sometimes a short video clip appears which answers the question being asked. (For example,  a woman with chronic hip pain asked for help. I was shown a video clip of her tearfully airport goodbye with a man friend. She exclaimed, "That was 8 years ago. I thought I was OVER him!" By identifying and resolving the emotions ​we cleared up the physical pain!)

2. Clairaudience.

​Clairaudience means the ability to psychically hear.  Sometimes specific words or a sentence or two are heard that pertains to the question that was posed. The voice can sound like a real voice or a voiceless voice in your head.

3) Clairsentient 

Clairsentient means the ability to psychically know something. It just comes to you and it's an internal knowing rather than a vision or hearing words.

4) Mediumship

Mediumship is the capacity to receive messages from people who has passed over and  is another way intuitive counselors sometimes receive information. 

5) Spirit Guide ​Communications

Spirit Guide communications ​is when a spirit or guide has been called upon or voluntarily appears and provides guidance, information and sometimes healing to the person and/or issue that is needing assistance. This is awesome and often the most profound and humbling part of intuitive counseling sessions.

6) Empathic Information

Empathic information occurs when I, or another empathic healer, feels information in their body,  about how the client is feeling. This can be emotional and/or physical. ​This ​is very important ​because it identifies what needs to be addressed and where it is. ​ Sometimes ​the problems is caused by a specific incident or belief. Finding and clearing the core underlying issue(s) usually resolves the problem!

7. Intuitive Verbal Cues 

Intuitive verbal cues are things such as the tone of voice and words the client uses. These are important leads to what needs to be addressed. My self and other intuitive counselors use our intuitive skills to clairvoyantly explore and investigate the verbal cues we have been given.

8. Kinetic information

Kinetic information received by placing my hands either around the client, if it's in person, or around an image I have ​ of them in the room. I can then actually feel what's going on with a client. This directly ​identifies the client’s needs and allows me to provide energy field and chakras healings. 

Now that we know what gifts can be used in intuitive counseling, let’s look at ​how these gifts are used to ​identify and​ solve problelms.

1) Intuitions, specifically channeled messages or mental images describing the causes of  the patients core problems is key. ​Once we know​ that, finding the solutions is easy, especially when you can access   Intuitive ​and spiritually guided messages and assistance.

2) The ability to hear or feel the underlying ​unpleasant thoughts and feelings the client is experiencing. Sometimes, I hear the exact phrase or critical words a client's parents said to them over and over again as a child. The huge negative impacts of these messages can be stopped with a specific techniques.

3) Feeling or seeing the the energetic presence or influence of others ​in the client or their energy field. This is usually partners and former partners, parents, and or relatives.

This ​is usually​ an unconscious agreement between you and another person ​and creates an energetic cord​ between you. This ​allows the other other person's energy to negatively affect you and vice versa. It ​usually involves control issues, as well as emotional and energetic problems. The most common example​ is a spouse, typically a husband, in the wife's energy field , with the intent to influence  or control them, or sometimes protect them.

4) Visions of specific traumatic or upsetting experiences from the clients past which is still held in their energy field or body and are causing emotional issues or ​ health concerns.

For example, once I was ​working with a on a client with hip pain​ and I was shown a video clip of an emotional break up with her boyfriend that had occurred 8 years earlier, at sunset at the airport. Once we knew the cause, relieving the pain became easy.

5) Guidance to what areas and topics to focus on during the session.

Example:​ While working with a client, I was shown a picture of her threatening herself with a sharp object like a letter opener or a small knife. With the picture came the communication that she was often self-critical and it ​was emotionally hurtful. The client concurred and explained this was a her habit. ​Then we could help her heal the self critical habit that was underlying her distress.

6) Ability to see what areas of the energy field and or body that are needing or wanting assistance.

7) Identification of specific limiting beliefs that are interfering with the client's life and abilities.

8) Intuition and guidance as to what supplements might be needed, or energetic imbalances that ​are important to address.

9) The ability to identify the overall energetic imbalances which are in need of attention. These may include energies related to emotional,physical, or spiritual issues. Examples of energetic  imbalances include lack of spiritual connection, lack of grounding, need for energetic boundaries, shock etc.

Examples of emotional issues may include trauma (large or small), negative self beliefs, programming from parents, limiting beliefs etc. Causes of energetic issues can be indications of energetic deficiencies of minerals​.

10) Guidance and direction as to what types of other therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic, traditional medical testing etc ​are most likely to be effective for the client.

As you can see these gifts can bring a lot to the table! Traditional counselors depend primarily on their own conscious thoughts and preexisting counseling ​ practices. ​Intuitive counselors also may utilize counseling theory and practices, but it's their powerful use of intuitive gifts that provides deeper insights and the ability to quickly get to the root of ​problem.

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