I Am Ashamed

I am Ashamed of our president (elect)
I can remember all our presidents
since 1960.
I've never been ashamed

I have been angry, very angry
at what they did.
And there were times I was ashamed
of what they did...
Bush and Johnson Started
or escolated wars
Nixon order political break-ins and lied
Clinton and Monica ...well you know
But I was Never ashamed
of WHO they were as people.
and still thought them presidential
Deserving of of some respect.
No more
No more respect
Just shame.

I am ashamed
Of our next president
Ashamed we elected him
It feels weird to be ashamed
of our president.
No respect
Just shame.
How do you fix it?
shame for the president..
Its not what I did
Its what we did.
Im left with shame
Where some respect
Once lived
I'm ashamed of our next president
And i can't fix it.

Harvey Caine, CC, LMP

Harvey Caine